First Chemo

I tried to sleep last night, but I couldn’t sleep at all.  I was told that one of premeds was steroid that kept me away from sleeping.  At 10 am while a nurse was getting ready for chemo through IV, a social worker went over all side effects of chemo: Chemo will not only knock down cancer but also my healthy blood cells.  In the result as my immune system goes down, I have to be vulnerable for any infections. For a while I have to stay away from crowds, sick people, children, animals, plants, and even Sushi!   The nurse,who also experienced breast cancer long time ago, encouraged me saying, “ You will be OK.  Chemo will knock down your cancer.”  The chemo took four hours without any reaction or discomfort.  During chemo the oncologist came over just to check how I was, and gave me the result of bone scan.  IT WAS NEGATIVE!! Thank God!!

As I got home Peggy was waiting for me to deliver trunkful of gifts from Neighborhood church women’s fellowship. I feel like it were Christmas!  She said I should open one gift each day because those gifts are to comfort my blue days on chemo.    I am truly loved and now I am confident that I can beat this cancer because of our LORD!

Gifts from church

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