Bone Scan

George and I drove to Panorama City from Torrance to have a bone scan.

At 11am a technician withdrew my blood and asked me to come back at 2pm.  While we were waiting, George made phone calls and sent e-mails to doctors to call attention for my urgency.  They responded. Oncologists met and in consensus recommend chemo first instead of waiting for the surgery another several weeks.  The surgeon also agreed with this plan. So  3 rounds chemo starting the 14th of June then surgery, then another 3 rounds of  chemo.  I was so pleased with this answer.   I guess my hart scan turned out clear also because I could  start chemo.

Bone scan took about half an hour without any pain or discomfort.  If any cancer cell is found, my cancer stage will be 4a.  I pray for the good result for this again.

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