Volunteering w/ Soh.

Since Taka is interested in Web-designing, I took my son,Soh, who is a web designer, for volunteering and introduced him to Taka.  At night Taka skypes me, and we chatted about for half an hour.  He says Soh was inspiring for him to persue a web designer, and he is learning that everything is destiny because if he hadn’t gotten injured, he wouldn’t have come to the U.S. and met Soh.  I say God changes everything into good.  Taka has to give up his first dream of a free style skier due to the accident, but from his disability now he found a new dream. I was diagnosed with cancer, but my relationships with my family, friends, and God are getting intimate.  I now have a clear purpose to live though I lost it for last two years and had depressed.  The life is never the same after ordeals, but there are new dreams and new purposes that are born from the afflictions.  So we should never give up hope.  I was so pleased that my son, who has ADHD and used to be worrisome, now could inspire the disabled young man.  Our Load is so good!

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