CT Scan

I have to stop eating and drinking two hours prior to CT scan.

At the image center l I was first told to drink 1/2 gal. of barium splitting into two times every 30 minutes. Comparing with 20 years ago, when I had it for my stomach X-ray exam, it is still a lot but much better taste.  After then dreadlocked black nurse, like a reggae musician,  put an IV needle  in my median cubital vein asking if I had any allergy with shell fish. As I answer “No,” he said then I didn’t need to worry about   reactions of the dye.

In the exam room, I lay on a exam bed, which moves through a big doughnut ring.  “You will feel warm when I inject dye, but if you feel difficulty breathing or ichty, let me know.  I am here,” said th black nurse kindly.  It took about half an hour and I could pass the first CT exam without any problems.

At night I noticed  the region of my cancer got pink and even the size got bigger like an egg. I was shocked, and am scared but I have to wait one more week to meet the oncologist.

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