Blood Test

I stopped at Torrance Kaiser Clinic on the way to work for blood test.  Although I was told to receive the result in three days,  surprisingly I found  the result on line in the afternoon.

This is quick and thankfully everything is clear so I can take a CT!

When I got home from work, however, I found the voice mail telling me to call Panorama Kaiser.  It was before 4pm though, I was told it was too late to retrieve the message regarding the bone scan appointment.  I have to wait for tomorrow, again.  It has been three days since trying to make just an appointment for a bone scan.

At night Junko, an ex-GOW volunteer and now a resident of Orange Children Hospital, called me.  She contacted an oncologist, who went to Africa as medical missionary with her several times together, asking about breast cancer for me.  He  said to Junko that Herceptin was great .  Regarding neochemo, according to him,  the result is about the same as starting from a surgery.  Then I am more interested in neochemo in order to shrink cancer cells so that surgery will be minimized.

Since last Sunday, when George announced about my cancer at church, many phone calls, e-mails, and cards have arrived every day.  “I will shop for you.”  “ I will drive for you.”  “I will do anything for you.”   “You are in our prayers!” and more.   Being overwhelmed by their kindness and generosity, George and I couldn’t help crying.

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