Frustration of Making Appointments

As no phone call has come for CT and Bone scans, I call the hospital, and then was told I need to make an appt. by myself.
For biopsies the hospital made appts for me. I wish I had known I needed to make appts by myself so that I wouldn’t have wasted two days.  More surprisingly, I was told I needed to make an appt. for blood test a week prior to CT scan.  CT will be hard on kidneys so I have to check if my kidneys are healthy enough but it will take a week to get back a result.

What?!  That means my appointment for a  CT will be in two weeks.  After I hung up, I called back to ask further questions, and then I was told I need to go to Panorama City for the bone scan, that probably takes 90 mins from our house.  Now I was totally confused, but I called the number I received following the instruction.

The operator explains the reason why I need to go to Panorama Kaiser; because of nationwide shortage of nuclear medicine, the dye, the local Kaiser has canceled bone scans already for three weeks and doesn’t know when to reopen.  The good news is now I am told hat I need to wait for a blood test result only for three days instead of one week.  I called Panorama Kaiser to make an appointment, and left a message, but no call back today.

Soon after the frustration, I got a delivery from Amazon, which I had no idea.  Inside the box I found a Snoopy! It was from Peggy, who knows I like him.  How sweet she is!   I haven’t done anything for her though.  This is another grace and eased my frustration.

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