Appreciations and Concerns

I‘ve been teaching Piano at ABE Music for 15 years.  The owner, Mrs. Abe, gave me Fucoidan wishing my full recovery.  It was a surprise and made me so grateful.

At night, Ryo & Soh came over for dinner.  With them there is always laughter and cheer.  As they were ready to go home, we laid up our hands together and cheered, “We’re going to beat cancer!” George and I were deeply thankful that the two boys have become good grown-ups.

After they left, I Skyped my mother in Japan.  while my 87-year old father was in a hospital because of a gallstone, she was down, but as now he is getting better, she also seems feeling better.  I haven’t told my mother about cancer yet.  Listening to her, I thought giving another bad news about my cancer was too much for my aging parents, but  how should I say about the cancelation of this summer’s trip to Japan?  I know they are looking forward to it.  It made me depressed and sad.

In the bed, I had a hard time to sleep because the pain in my left knee and scapulas; the cough seemed getting deep.  I hope they don’t have anything to do with cancer.

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