Lymph Nodes Biopsy

A doctor inserted a needle to my armpit for a biopsy looking at an image of the ultrasound.  Then He ordered mammogram again to confirm that the sample tissue he just cut out was the right one which had been caught in the first Mammogram.  Thankfully the sample was taken from the right spot. Otherwise,  it would have meant I had more tumors developed.

If the biopsy result is positive, the doctor will order CT and Bone scans because I have a high chance of metastasis.  Though I am concerned the bad result of the biopsy,  around this point , the doctors would say that cancer grows slowly and it takes a while to spread, and I cannot get quick appointments like before.   It is very frustrating.

I called Noriko again asking to have lunch together to get some cheer.  While chatting with Noriko and her husband,  three hours flew like an arrow.

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