2nd Visit To Breast Center

A 16 year experienced Nurse Practitioner explained the diagnosis of my cancer, treatment options, and coming appointments. 
The size of the tumor in the breast is 2.5 x1.3 x 1.3 cm.
Grade 2 out of 3, which is most aggressive.
There is another tumor, 1.7 x1 cm, is in the left lymph nodes, but a pathologist did not get a clear reading.

According to NP, my cancer is probably between stage 2b and 3a.  Possibly the surgery will be on 5/21.

As I asked questions about pain on the right side breast and under the right arm pit after the biopsy and possibility of metastasis, she declined my doubts saying the possibility of double breast cancer is very rare and breast cancer moves slowly, though she ordered another ultrasound of my right breast and biopsy of my left lymph nodes.  This meeting relieved George, but I am still concerned about metastasis.

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