Mother’s Day

At Church

More students than I expected came to Sunday School. Today’s lesson was about Lydia, who became the first Christian in Europe being baptized by Paul.  She was a successful businesswoman selling precious purple clothes in those days.  Natsu, an 8-year-old Japanese patient who came to UCLA Medical Center for a heart transplant last year, donated lots of Origamis to Sunday School at his departure for Japan.  We used those Origamis for this lesson.

Jesus came to this world to suffer and die.  Because he went through all kinds of afflictions, he understands our sufferings.  “Jesus who knows our pains is always with us.”—The message to students also spoke to my heart.

After the Sunday School, I went to the worship service.  Behind of my pew, there were Michael,  an assistant minister, and Barbara, Senior pastor’s wife.  Both of them gave me a big hug.  They already knew about my cancer through George. I was so moved by their care that tears flew.

At Home

Afternoon, my sons, Roy, Soh, and his wife Pinky came over to celebrate Mother’s Day bringing lots of cheer and big smiles as usual.  at the table for lunch, they shared thanks for me.  I, who became sensitive recently, was overwhelmed by each of their appreciations and could not hold tears.  George tried to read Proverbs 12 for me, but he became, too,  emotional.  Lots of food, smiles, laughter—-Being surrounded by loving family, I felt so much loved and blessed.

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