Even If It Is Snake Oil

While Volunteering

On the way to serve for  a quadriplegic international student, Taka, with Yuko, a GOW volunteer, I told her about my cancer, asking for covering my coordinating job.  She has been volunteering since the beginning of this year, and participating every week. She should be the right person to be the coordinator.

At Taka’s apartment we made rice balls and while Yuko went to grocery shopping I was asked to do laundry.  In the laundry room, I felt light headed.

Perhaps because I didn’t sleep and didn’t eat, but maybe because of cancer.

Getting weary I prayed for the strength.


I didn’t have appetite still and body ached.  I wanted to sleep, but I couldn’t.  With Tylenol, I finally  fell asleep.  I didn’t know how long I slept, but I woke up by a phone call from Noriko.  Noriko is the first volunteer in 1997 for international organ transplant support ministry.  She slept alongside the first organ transplant family in their apartment to support them.  She just came back from her wedding in Japan.  At the end of conversation, I shared about the cancer asking for prayers for me.  Then she asked me if I knew Fucoidan. She told me that her friend who has had advanced ovarian cancer, has been doing well with Fucoidan, an antioxidant supplement made from seaweed in Okinawa. She cotined saying that she was going to ask the friend if the friend could give me one bottle of Fucoidan.  Listening about Fucoidan from Noriko, I was fortified.  I googled Fucoidan.  the sites about Fucoidan sounded right and persuasive.

Noriko called back saying her friend was offering me a battle of Fucoidan tonight if it’s ok with me to meet her after 9pm.  I took this offer.  As I met her, I was surprised with her glowing face that didn’t look like a cancer patient at all, with healthy pink cheeks.  She told me that she has been doing well even though she was still on chemo and maybe that was because of Fucoidan.

I appreciated her meeting me though it was sudden request late at night.

Fucoidan may be just a snake oil, but right now I want to try everything.

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