First Visit To Breast Center

“This might be a cyst,” said a nurse practitioner.  Taking out a syringe from a drawer, she was going to puncture my breast to see if any liquid would be sucked out from the lump or not.  As I’ve never had a shot in my breast, it made me nervous, but I trusted the word “numb” of the  local anesthesia the practitioner said.

A needle punctured, but nothing came out.

“You can dress now.  I will order a mammogram and ultrasound in the next week.  Don’t worry, we are with you,” said she and left the room.

Covering my tender breast, I left the exam room .  I took the day off today.  Not feeling like going home directly, I decided to go to a shopping mall.

Since no fluid came out from the lump, it is not a cyst.

If it is not a cyst, is it possibly cancer?

While wandering at the mall, questions popped out one after another.

Then the cellphone  rang.  It was from George.

“The hospital moved up your appointment for Mammogram and Ultrasound to tomorrow.  You need to call to confirm.”

The moved-up exam made me think  that this was urgent and created more anxiety.

At a Japanese supermarket, I ran into Karen, who was a long-term friend.

“How are you?”  We exchanged greetings as usual.

“I found a lump.  I am on the way home from the hospital.”

“Really?  If you hear the result, please let me know,”  said she.

“Yes.  If it is cancer, I need lots of prayers!”  Replying with a smile, I left.

At home George was waiting for me anxiously.

“It was not a cyst.  The exam hurt,” I said.

He, who didn’t say much, was probably thinking of the same thing as me.

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